A new identity for Phenics machines 

Phenics, the Winoa’s new system which transforms traditional site blasting by enabling recovery and recycling of steel grit, has just equipped its machines with a new identity: the Phenics plates.
As Phenics has become more structured and professional, more and more customers go on worksites to see the functioning of Phenics, thus something more eye-catching was needed to promote Phenics and the idea of creating such plates has become an evidence. 
Until now, the only information was the logo under the black & red Winoa colors on a white tarp, so the new plates are a professional way to identify Phenics, with a steel background color in alignment with Winoa’s business core: steel.
Furthermore, the plates allow customers to immediately find information on this on-site abrasive blasting process and to contact the Phenics teams through http://www.phenics.com .