Optimal technicaland technological solutions for Pipes Coaters



The project

The Consortium ACPC, Anti Corrosion  Pipe Coating, is the Union of Production Plants of Pipes with anti-corrosion coatings under the supervision of WINOA. The objective of its creation is the exchange of expertize and search of optimal technical and technological solutions for Pipes Coaters, in a context of more and more difficult to achieve specifications required by the final customers of pipes. 
The project started in 2012, when W Abrasives, the leader brand of Winoa, decides to closely work with its customers by sharing its knowledge in the field of anti-corrosion pipe coating.
Its strong experience in Surface Preparation of Pipes coating in Russia allows them to be a key player and organizer.  Regular technical meetings are launched in Russia and in France.

The missions

The missions of ACPC are multiple with the aim of being all time “proactive" in terms of Anti Corrosion Pipes Coating Surface Preparation. The missions are about updating at least once a year on achievable specifications with today’s existing materials (roughness, dust, cleanliness, conductivity); having all tools to get the lowest cost of blasting and optimal productivity; working on development of measure equipment in order to align controls and working with organizations in order to assume with them realistic final specifications.

The events

Winoa and it’s W Abrasives teams have already organized 5 seminars of the Consortium ACPC.
The first seminar occurred in November 2012 at WA Kurgan and attempted 20 persons from 8 different plants. 
Two key issues were highlighted: cleanliness and dust
Two other seminars followed, in 2013 in St Petersburg, and in January 2014, in France..
In September 2014, in the south of Russia, 50 people discovered the Surfium; the specific hardness of this Premium product guarantees a stable surface profile, reduces dust levels and makes it specially designed for Surface Preparation before coating. 

September 2014 - Seminar in South of Russia
A fifth one occurred in October 2015, next to Amsterdam, and finally  Finally, the last one, occurred from 3rd to 6th of October, 2016 in Sergiyev Posad, one of the towns of the Golden ring, 50 km North of Moscow.

The benefits

Thanks to all these participations at the Consortium ACPC, it appeared that “cleanliness” measurement and “dust” were the two key issues to work on. This is how the WA CLEAN and WA DUST  technologies are born.
One checks the cleanliness of a blasted base material in accordance with international standards; the second measures the concentration and size of dust particles in accordance with international standards, both independently of any human interpretation.
The WA CLEAN Technology developed by the Winoa innovation team is commercialized by the W Abrasives teams and the WA DUST Technology is under development and launched as a prototype.
New products in the Surfium range such as SR350 or SR710 are implemented with real benefits for customers. 
By now, it will also strengthen technical relationships and partnerships with customers in their on going projects and contribute to their successful issues, 
Do not forget that W Abrasives is your key success factor!