HYBRID SHOT the perfect solution to reduce blasting cost in cleaning operations !

The context

A cast iron foundry customer is producing 800 tons per month of manholes and other miscellaneous parts for civil and road works. They are running a 16 wheel continuous hanger machine which consumes 300 tons per year of S550. Initially, 65% of this volume was supplied by IKJ, the rest by a local competition.


The problem

The customer had too much re-blasting on some products which considerably increased its costs. Thus he needed a more efficient product to reduce his re-blasting rate, without increasing the maintenance cost.

The W Abrasives solution & its benefits 

The Premium product Hybrid Shot, specially designed to reduce overall blasting cost through a combination of high cleaning efficiency and low machine wear has been introduced.
Hybrid Shot introduction through the complete Premium approach:

  • In addition to the high performances of Hybrid Shot (better efficiency than S550 with limited impact on machine wear), our technical support has allowed to :
  • Reduce maintenance costs (hot spot check with thermal camera + reduction of sand content in the operating mix - from 4 wt% to 0.5 wt% -  through air separator fine tuning)
  • Increase efficiency of the machine (hot spot check with thermal camera + adjustment of operating mix size distribution - rejection size decreased from 0.85 mm to 0.6 mm - through air separator fine tuning)

The result 

At the end of the trial (i.e. after 1 year), the following benefits have been proven:
  • better cleanliness of the castings : re-blasting rate reduced by 60%
  • lower maintenance costs : -45%
  • in total, the full blasting cost has been reduce by 30.8%
From then, the customer is working 100% with Winoa.