Why the leading shipbuilding company in Taiwan, CSBC, chooses the W Abrasives HPG Premium product ?
CSBC (China Shipbuilding Company) is the leading shipbuilding company in Taiwan, with operations in two bases, Kaohsiung and Keelung seaports. Winoa Taiwan has started to contact its Surface Preparation Dept. in Keelung base since 2013.
After several technical services and seminars with its operation team, CSBC clearly recognized Winoa’s added value to customers and our sales team also clearly understood the following customer demands:

1. Improve the quality of steel plate surface:

With Competitor’s product       With W Abrasives Premium
product HPG 8

2. Save the cost of wheel-blasting:

Based on customer’s demands, we gave him a global satisfaction by replacing the local competitor's product with W Abrasives HPG Premium product, the leader brand of Winoa ; HPG8 is the optimum solution for wheel blasting machines.

3. Successful results:

CSBC has realized a 6.1% wheel blasting overall saving cost (abrasive, power, maintenance, etc.) 
It was a successful challenge for CSBC and the Winoa’s Taiwan team.
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