WAbrasives recently presented in a MFN article “Making Grey Matter!” two very innovative products bringing new possibilities to shot peeners, in terms of blasting cost reduction and of performance increase for blasted parts:
  • HRS (Hard Resilient Shot): a proprietary media, showing an exclusive combination of high hardness and high lifetime, with very strict quality controls. Possible applications: suspension parts (automotive or non-automotive sectors: leaf springs, coil springs, torsion bars, stabilizers…) and more generally any application needing high Almen intensity values.
  • UFS  (Ultra-Fine Shot): very fine high-carbon steel shots (size between 50 and 150 μm) dedicated to both precise shot peening and double peening operations with a very good surface finish. Possible applications: small/thin/complex parts such as CVT belt components, small gears and valve springs (double peening).
Other considerations such as roughness control for peening before coating and other new solutions (NanoPeening® to improve for instance the wear resistance of the treated parts and a new micro-deburring solution) were also presented in this article.