Winoa has decided to join Afta

Winoa has just decided to join the Afta,  Association Française des Thermolaqueurs de l’Acier.

The Organization was created in 2003 by epoxy powder lacquering companies to fulfill market needs in term of corrosion of coated steels.

Members are in majority lacquering companies.

In 2006, Afta with several other national associations encompassing coaters of steel parts formed the QUALISTEELCOAT organization. The organization regroups association of 7 countries (QIB in Germany, VOM in Belgium, Qualital in Italy, Aselac in Spain or Visem in the NL).

QUALISTEELCOAT is a quality label organization committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on steel.

The goal is to raise and standardize the quality level throughout Europe, laying down rules applying to their industry.

Firms in many European countries have directly or indirectly become licensees There already are 25 licensees of QUALISTEELCOAT in Europe   (15 in France) and the organization plan to have 45 of them within 1 year (20 in Germany).

It is a great opportunity for Winoa to promote the blasting and help our customer to improve their blasting operations.

For further information, please contact Axel de Lavernhe.