Battakarst is a joint company formed by Hydrokarst & Battaglino (Batta Group). The company has developed an innovative solution using robotization in difficult environment conditions.

The collaboration between their automatic solution and Phenics allows the final customer EDF, to recondition the interior of the water pipe in a mountainous environment, while reducing waste.

The challenge

Located at high altitude and in a difficult to access area this renovation project was a real challenge for EDF (Electricité de France). It required a robotic blasting operation inside a 900-meter-long penstock pipe. It was essential to renovate the interior of the pipe damaged by corrosion to extend its life time. The working environment was extremely difficult because of the pipe’s small diameter and its location on a steep slope, impossible to reach with usual transport, and requiring special solutions such as helicopter transportation.

Moreover, this project required specific logistics on site, involving several contractors. One of the main issues for EDF was to be in line with the environmental regulations and to reduce waste.


The solution: Phenics and the robot

The robotic solution developed by Battakarst allows the internal blasting operation of the pipe through successive rings and through capturing waste at the source. Battakarst choose to trust Phenics for its project with EDF.

Battakarst had already worked with the recycling Phenics system in the past and knew that it offered the most adapted solution on this challenging and specific site.

Due to the site specifics, Phenics experts proposed to use special modular equipment called Phenics Air, which was conceived  for helicopter transport to reach difficult work sites.
The goal was really demanding because it consisted of blasting the inside of the 900-meter penstock pipe to prepare the surface before applying a new protective anti-corrosion coating which must comply with the applicable standards. Due to the extreme operating conditions, several platforms were installed at different levels. The blasting operation was performed with the Profilium 045 product, with a consumption of around 400g/m.


The results

EDF, the final customer is satisfied with the results. It allowed to generate less waste than using slag abrasives. Finally, using Phenics solution has significantly facilitated the management on site.